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27 April 2015 @ 07:48 pm
1. my macbook has died, the new paddington dvd locked inside its weary innards. only 4 months old. one of my developers had exactly the same thing happened to his new macbook about 2 months ago... so, i think they'll just replace the whole thing. erin's going to take it in to the apple store early tomorrow and see if they'll see her. bit of a pain - though i think almost everything on it (i.e. not much) has already been uploaded to the internet in some form or other. maybe i wrote a bit more hypnotism fic but... if i don't get that back then i will learn to live with it. it was probably only a few paragraphs.

in the meantime, erin has kindly vacated my old macbook (7 years old or so) and i am using that instead. it's feeling smug now, although has been largely replaced several times during that period.

2. my work laptop (not a macbook. a laptop that looks much older than it is) also died today - while i was at home, having already planned to work at home. this, obviously, made me wonder whether i exposed them to a horrible radiation leak or something. or whether i had offended any deities.

the work laptop actually sort of almost functions still. almost. it's just it repeatedly only loaded the desktop for 5 seconds, so i had to click really fast on internet explorer (which i have to use for work...) and outlook before it vanished, and then not close them again o_0 fortunately i had already ordered a replacement due to a completely different fault. so - i just have to go early to the wrong work-location of two where the new work laptop is being held and pick it up. and then go back to the other location for the afternoon.

fun times.

3. i had to wait almost 30 minutes for my bus to show up this morning...

4. i told my ex-boss that i was going to apply for her brighton/london job... it will be advertised later this week, whereas the ones at my current-work will be advertised ???

might not get obviously. but if i did... big change. big big change. which is possibly not being made for the right reasons, but equally might not be a bad choice.

a quick look on CS jobs makes it clear that there are a number of delivery manager roles that are in central or greater london for ridiculous mega bucks. it seems silly not to apply for them since we're thinking about it.

and i'm not even unhappy at the HO...


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20 April 2015 @ 12:11 am
hermit->ao3 is almost upon us, so i have started putting together a gdocs spreadsheet which i hope will make the (manual) import a bit easier.

if you are interested in helping out/are really bored, please feel free to click into it and start to do the 'is it on ao3?' check, and then start populating the other fields. i'm not putting the ao3 tags in for the characters yet, just copying them straight from hermit - please don't correct this, as i'm planning to do a find&replace once everything's in and change them all to ao3 tags.

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14 April 2015 @ 09:53 pm
some quick thoughts about 2x5 devil's advocate and 2x6 truth and lies.

big finish blake things obviously - both moderate to goodCollapse )

been reading some stuff on the forums about how the reason no new series has been announced yet could be to do with the licensing arrangements, rather than darrow's involvement. forums also say glynis not as down on B7 as previously believed... which would be nice.

other than that -

erin and i are just back from watching a play in spanish with english subtitles (The Love of Don Perlimplín and Belisa in the Garden). generally - i hate subtitles, but i like theatre, particularly theatre about being theatrical (which this staging was). and in general i like the southwark playhouse more than the... 2 times we have been there or whatever should really have provoked. but it's v good, v cheap and so close. plus - we saw mcgann there once (on stage. in chekhov. i like chekhov a lot). so -there's that.

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07 April 2015 @ 10:44 pm
since i was back at work today, some people did ask me what i did over easter. this is what i did not say -

me: i've been exchanging emails with suzan lovett about what kind of jaguar looks most like kerr avon!

black one obviously. but nice to have been asked :)

i also did some writing, but slowly and (still) on the wrong thing. and i watched the king's speech (about 2 years after everyone else did) on netflix, and really liked it. i'm a sucker for movies/plays about speech, and characters who are sensitive but angry, decent but shit with people. and i like colin firth too. i mean, who doesn't? (i have an icon of him, but it's the back of his head and covered with a santa hat - so, avon it is)

having enjoyed that so much, i consulted netflix further for more colin firth movies and, yesterday, we watched relative values - which, the elephantine memoried reader may recall, i watched on stage last year starring del tarrant and miranda's mother (such fun). the film was good too, if softer than the play and therefore less funny. but colin firth as baby gay = v adorable, and julie andrews divine as always. as i child i hated mary poppins (she was too mean! and loved herself!) i wonder if i still do. i hope not - because obviously if she was a man those are traits i'd prize in her. and i do love julie andrews... so it should all work out.

erin was going to make us a rabbit to eat - but when she took it out of the freezer she discovered it wasn't a rabbit. it was a bird. we still don't know exactly what bird it was... but despite being mystery meat, it tasted good.

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05 April 2015 @ 11:35 pm
stopped writing unconventionalcourtship fic due in 11 days, and started writing persuasion PGP fic for zine. idk, seemed like a good idea at the time...

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04 April 2015 @ 07:21 pm
GUYS - THE ZINE IS ON. SUZAN LOVETT HAS AGREED TO DO A COVER. AAAAAAAARGH. i am going to send her a trib copy in payment, holy shit.

ok, so - here's your official call to action.

Harking back to the golden age of B7 publishing, Pride and Prejudice is a Blake/Avon and Blake-Avon fanzine. It will contain fic and meta, and hopefully also art - and I want representation from every series, including PWB and PGP (and series 3). Everything will be betaed by me (returned to you for edits), and proofread by someone else. It will almost certainly be perfect-bound.

What I want in more detailCollapse )

Deadline for submissions: June 1st 2015, but feel free to submit earlier
Probable date of publication: IDK August? I need time to edit and print.

Anything submitted to the zine can and should be posted on the internet too (once the zine is out), but with a note that says it's also available in zine form. I'll send trib copies to those who participate, though if you live far away P&P would be appreciated. Further copies will be sold on eBay to (help) cover costs.

Psueds will be used for author/artist's names, as on the internet, unless otherwise specified by the author/artist.

Any questions - let me know! Submissions can be sent to me on diskette at

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03 April 2015 @ 05:26 pm
37 fics (or collections of short fics) posted for april showers.

procrastination over, i'd better start looking at my [community profile] unconventionalcourtship

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01 April 2015 @ 11:52 pm
the great re-posting has begun! (took me a long time to work out how to copy and paste my stories on true story). so far - i've done 11 of 21 on, and i've learned that: i left a lot of stories unfinished, that slytherin!marauders thing was in the first person, and that i once did quite a fun challenge where i was given 10 sentences and asked to write a fic with all of them in in that order.

i've been thinking about first person quite a bit recently - it's not something (i thought) that i've ever really do, but... i am vaguely tempted. i just feel like there should be a reason to do it, rather than just writing my hypnosis fic in first person.

i also learned that the psued function is pretty nifty. when i look at my own page i can see all my fics and if you insist on looking at all my fics together, you can do that, but mostly it's treating me and polkat as two separate accounts. which is, as i say, kind of neat.

rich text is working... some of the time. which is enough considering the outrageous way i use run-on sentences and semi-colons. some of the italics can die.

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01 April 2015 @ 08:24 pm
guyz guyz guyz - i have just thought of an amazing idea that makes it 100% more likely that i will do my B/A zine later this year. namely - i thought, what would there be on the cover? obviously like avon and a jaguar in true suzan lovett glory style and then maybe ALSO blake and a lion (because why only avon? and the zine would be about BOTH of them, not just one), and then i thought... so like, that's multiple large cats, right? so i guess it looks like a pride. and then i thought... that's a bit gay. and not in a good way. BUT i could call the zine... pride and prejudice, right? because that's a great name for a zine about ANY ship i really like.

anyway - that was my thought. (any subsequent issues would involve further puns, or more regency AUs)

erin is currently busy not reading the book she should be reading for strange horizons, but instead reading K/S zine 'charisma', which i bought her for the lols and which she now has to read because someone else bought it from us on ebay. she's writing a zine review and everything. although i assume the review will read something like this 'argh old fandom argh! and i hate looking at fanart!'

idk, you try and share the things you love with the people you love - but basically they just hate bare-chested elven spock pictures.

in other non-news, my copy of the complete A-Z of cabin pressure arrived today. having to store it face-down for the moment so erin doesn't have to look at cumberbatch. enjoying the booklet already.

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31 March 2015 @ 08:11 pm
two more days to four day weekend! hooray :D

also - two more days until i am going to officially move my team to work in croydon. most people are not that happy about the move (it's quite a lot further to me and means most of the people i hang out with will be in another building across the city), but... many good things about this. mostly around how - i had to tell quite a few members of my team not to come in tomorrow because we didn't even have half a desk for them to sit at. that kind of thing. plus - it will be good not to have so many people around - means i can get more work done.

will still work a day a week in london, though. at least. but also need to show solidarity at croydon. where there is so much space... it's great.

anyway - in non work news, ao3 just posted this thing about how april showers is coming up. apparently this involves writing fanlore entries (not much of a change from the regular writing of fanlore entries) and posting forgotten works on ao3. initially i thought - what forgotten works? oh, of course, my work with open doors and hermit (people who are not me are now talking about databases and potentially automating some of it, even though they said they couldn't, although i assume still manual checking would be involved... anyway, it seems to still be some way off, though might happen in april). and then i remembered... with horror... how many harry potter (and tortall) fics i have squirrelled away in my account (2003-2004). and on my LJ (2004-2005) none of which are on AO3 for, in most cases, one good reason i.e. i almost can't think about them, they shame me too much by being the product of someone who was still very young, particularly the stuff on

however - do i think all fanfiction should be on AO3 or don't i? by god, i do. so... i guess i'll be uploading (and backdating obviously, and hp fandom is vast so probably nobody will read it anyway...) all of that during april. because if there's one thing i like - it's AO3 organised excuses to do things.

on the plus side i thought there would be some 'please R&R!!!' bits in the summaries, but it seems like... there aren't. which is a relief (maybe they're in the author's note). on the downside, i seem to have labelled a 'slytherin marauders' fic as the marauders 'as you've never seen them before'. i feel sure that, even in 2003, this was overegging the pudding somewhat.

ANYWAY - so, i'll be doing that in april. shouldn't take too long. hopefully. as long as ao3's rich text field is working. i'm telling you partly in case you have me as one of your ao3 notification authors (i mean, who doesn't?)(i actually don't have anyone. it's easy to keep track of blake because nobody ever posts anything) and you get hundreds of things... don't panic! it's just my past.

the other thing about april, obviously, is that it's [community profile] unconventionalcourtship! about a thousand words into my hypnotism thing, which obviously means they've barely arrived in the therapist's office (despite me skipping the scene that necessitated the visit i.e. this is the first scene). i remember when i could do a whole fic in 1.5k; now i can barely get them through the door. hoping to make some significent progress tonight i.e. get them hypnotised and out of this office and back onto the liberator where the 'plot' (such as it is) can happen. but obviously i haven't started yet.

too busy looking at posts with harry potter fic in them... and markedly not reading the fic. ETA - actually almost the thing i find most embarrassing is how i begin every single post saying 'this fic is probably not very good'. WHY POST IT THEN? argh. children. anyway - it's ok, i think i'm amazing now or something.

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28 March 2015 @ 10:46 am
three random things make a post -

1. watched the meg ryan/kevin kline movie 'french kiss' on netflix the other night. now, obviously it's not nearly as amazing, but essentially the movie is basically 'when french theif played by british actor met sally' - it has a lot of what is one of my top favourite movies about it. and it also has kevin kline doing a silly accent with a silly moustache and being generally a sort of a fan bait type character - he's a wronged prince (sort of) who steals things so he can settle down and get married (But also because he looooves to steal things). he is a dick, but eventually is won over by our heroine's kooky charm. it has fake relationship, it has meet the family (and a bit where kevin kline's brother punches him in the face), it has... a kind of weird scene where meg ryan eats too much cheese, which should not have been in the movie. BUT - i recommend it more thoroughly than most other things i've watched recently. it's pretty good.

2. i discovered today that the summary for my hypnotised unconventional courtship fic ISN'T the real summary of that book (that will teach me for trusting summersteam rather than the approved list/generator.) the real summary isn't bad, but it's not as fun. now i am conflicted! maybe i'll post the real one in the notes... anyway, i have started to shake the enigmatic blake off and hopefully... this won't take too long o_0 WHO KNOWS.

3. i finally got round to finishing the second most recent BF audio 'ghostship' and it's SO BORING. and also about how avon is so awesome and the only one who knows anything, and he's really scary (this is series 3 avon, btw, not series 4 avon). AVOID (not an opinion that you'll find in the other reviews, though. idk, idk at all). next up - tarrant's problems written by steve lyons, who is... ok. sometimes. it's a shame libby chronicles 10 was good, because otherwise it's been bad for a while (jac rayner was ok, but should have been better). one of these days i'm going to have to leave big finish. one more death will do it.

i'm not even sure whether i want LC11 - nigel fairs? no. the guy who wrote ghostship writes two OCs? i can live without it. andrew smith? consistently strong in this range. but mission to destiny is the episode i always forget exists.... i guess for now i've answered my own question. which means i have to wait until LC12 (who knows what's even on it) comes out in NOVEMBER. i wonder whether BF are thinking of bailing too.... and i also wonder whether paul darrow is ok.

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around chapter 3slash4 i suffered my major enigmatic blake writer's block. most of the reason for this was that i kept putting avon into scenes where he would say 'TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON' and blake would tell him... and then i'd have to delete thousands of words, because although it had felt right and dynamic and exciting as i was writing... i need blake to keep lying for the plot. bran foster was the worst though. i wanted to introduce him a lot earlier - but as soon as he showed up he either made it so obvious what was going on or prompted avon to ask blake what was going on... so again, i wrote loads and deleted loads.

the other way that i treated the fact that i couldn't write the restaurant/late night interruptions scenes was to go back and write in the whole 'avon sabotages the teleport' subplot, which used not to be there - but now seems incredibly vital. but yes - in early drafts, it goes straight from lunch to avon being woken in the middle of the night/walking in on bran foster drinking blake's coffee.

i didn't preserve these deleted scenes in a sensible way, but fortunately i was sending drafts to elviaprose as i went along, so i can find them all. i've also got the plot summary that i wrote for chapters 3 onwards. you'll see it went mostly the same although i added quite a few bits and excised probably the best scene in the fic i.e. avon talking to his mother.

plot summary and deleted scenesCollapse )

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23 March 2015 @ 08:44 am
c'est fini.

The Enigmatic Blake (50001 words) by aralias
Chapters: 6/6
Fandom: Blake's 7
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Kerr Avon/Roj Blake
Characters: Kerr Avon, Roj Blake
Additional Tags: Pre-Way Back, Harlequin

PWB fic, based on a Mills & Boon/Harlequin summary.


A spy for the Freedom Party, Roj Blake must foster his notoriety as a rake as a front for his secret activity... Until an undercover exercise almost costs him his life.


Kerr Avon, newly appointed systems analyst for the Aquitar Project, knows only Blake's rakeish reputation. He's unprepared for Blake's surprise proposal of marriage – and the way his body responds to him!


Burning desire turns to passion for Blake and Avon, until rumours and whisperings rear their ugly heads. Who is the shadow following Avon's every move? Did Blake really murder his late wife? Just what is this intriguing man hiding?

now just the obsessive post-posting editing to go.

p.s. i hope nobody read the version with the hilariously awful typo 'he'd known he was coming' in the middle of the first scene. if you did - i apologise.

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13 March 2015 @ 03:30 pm
new icons! not on LJ obviously, where almost everyone who talks to me is, but hey - here on DW i've got a new icon of jenna. do we think icons are dying out, btw, now almost everyone is on tumblr? i can't tell because obviously i don't know what people are doing now. i only know what they were doing twenty years ago.

speaking of twenty years ago, i've got some more zine reviews -

Straight Blake"s 1Collapse )

Straight Blake"s 2Collapse )

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12 March 2015 @ 04:05 pm
ok - here's another one. i guess we found some more slash i hadn't read! \o/ unfortunately, unlike that vampire!blake one, this is mostly not that great.

Rebel DesiresCollapse )

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08 March 2015 @ 05:27 pm
chased up the hermit request, pointing out that i was forgetful and also liable (although i don't wnat this to be the case) to potentially lose interest and then not do it. if it goes ahead, i will probably be back here asking for people who love blake's 7 fanfic, archiving, and copying and pasting to help me - so, start psyching yourselves up now!

two unrelated cookery things -

erin introduced me to cookie butter i.e. speculoos (which i love to say) yesterday, and we put it in hamantaschen. it is astonishingly biscuity tasting - which makes sense in a way because it's made of over 50% biscuit. but it's still weird. it's peanut butter... that tastes of biscuit. anyway - it's cool. you should get some.

the other thing is that i recommend the great comic relief bake off, particularly the david mitchell episode (which is episode 3). very very funny, as almost none of the celebrities they get in have ever baked a thing in their life, but are all VERY competitive. the david mitchell one also features michael sheen, who i also love. the first one has joanna lumley <3

also, unlike the real show where they are baking ridiculous stuff you think you could never ever do, the comic relief episodes are all about baking 'a tray bake' or 'a cookie' (because the celebrities are rubbish), with then a pretty difficult technical to keep things interesting, and i find this much more enjoyable than 'a crazy macaroon tower that took you five hours to put together'.

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08 March 2015 @ 01:05 am
i really should go to sleep now... and i will (although erin has already been asleep on MY side of the bed for hours... and i'm not sure whether if i move her she will wake up... we shall see), but first - an insta-rec of the fic that kept my up until this time.

if you haven't read this, you should.

Dupe (31808 words) by Willa Shakespeare
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Blake's 7
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Roj Blake, Kerr Avon, Vila Restal, Del Tarrant, Dayna Mellanby, Soolin (Blake's 7)
Additional Tags: Post Gauda Prime

After Gauda Prime, nearly everyone thinks Blake is dead. Federation troopers think he's a zombie. Blake thinks he's dying. They're all wrong.

Blake is something else entirely.

But above all else, Blake is a rebel, and he won't forget his Cause. He won't forget his purpose.

i will think of some more reasons later, and also add it to the B-A and B/A rec list, for it is a B-A thing and also very very good. i've been updating the list quite a lot recently, btw.... mostly with obscure stuff that isn't available on the internet so is no help to anyone, but with some other internet stuff.

i also rec What Might Have Been to you, which i also read for the first time today, and which is also on the list (as of earlier today).

yes, it has been a procrastinating sort of a day (i updated fanlore and all), but i also did write quite a few more EB words. i also made some belated hamantascen, and i finished diana wynne jones's 'house of many ways', which is obviously ultimately the same as ready a lot of fic about how blake and avon love each other, but feels distinctly more respectable.

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04 March 2015 @ 10:11 pm
making a concerted effort to read some of the zines i have (it's a great way to procrastinate away from finishing EB, if nothing else) and to then list them on ebay if i don't want to keep them. i have just listed this one, but i actually think it's really good. the stories i like the most, though, are on hermit - which is currently down... but i'm hoping will come back in a bit. i contacted judith proctor last year about moving all the stories to ao3, but i'd need to do that by hand myself if i wanted to do it (and i do, obviously) and i know that now isn't a great time for me, so i'm not chasing it. but clearly... i should have done. and can do if it doesn't come back. (ETA - it is back)

anyway - here are my thoughts about:

Roads Not TakenCollapse )

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01 March 2015 @ 01:39 pm
so, it's 1.30pm on a sunday, and what have i done with my day? well - i've created a page on fanlore for avon: a terrible aspect. as you do

(i did this because i just listed my copy of 'shadowplay' on ebay, given that i don't think i will ever get the previous two editions and even if i did... i don't know that i would read them. and as i did this, i discovered, though it was not explicit on fanlore before i got there - that the cover image of 'shadowplay' is the same as the one on terrible aspect! how exciting, i thought to myself. and the rest is documented history)

i feel it could do with some more on-the-ground reviews, though, if anyone has them. i could mostly find second-generation reviews saying 'it wasn't as bad as everyone says!' WHERE? where are they saying this. also - any additional thoughts about fic that references it would be good.

speaking of fanfiction, i've listed A:aTA as fanfiction whereas i listed 'kill the dead' as it's own fandom. harsh.

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25 February 2015 @ 11:48 pm
i finally posted some more fic. it is almost done. soon - soon, i can rest.

and reply to comments.

almost finished all the aired episodes of forever!

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