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27 May 2008 @ 02:04 pm
playing with strangers  
a very long while ago, i asked people to prompt me to write some 100 word drabbles. and they did. well, some of them did. well, two of them did.

yesterday, in between general mooching about my flat, watching buffy series 2 and monopolising booth 4 at the local internet pit, i finally wrote those pesky 200 words.

today's drabbles sponsored by 'characters katy doesn't usually write'. i don't write martha because i can't think of what to say about her (and because i mainly write d/m, in which martha would only make trouble by sensibly pointing out how evil the master was/is), and i don't write nine, becuase i'm a big coward, nine is hard to write and ten is easy (in all the ways).

1. prompted by smithy161, i wrote Donna meets Nine (which feels like the beginning of a 'five times donna met the doctor without realising it', but isn't).
set, on the one hand, after runaway bride whilst donna's investigating stuff and, on the other, before rose whilst the doctor's wandering around, poking his nose into other people's business.

A Different Man
“What do you mean, I don’t look like a security guard?”
“Well, that leather jacket’s not exactly very official, is it?” Donna says, giving the intruder a hard stare. “You don’t even have a badge.”
“Course I do,” the man says. He holds out a small wallet. “One badge. There you go.”
Donna looks at it briefly. “That’s not a badge,” she says. “It’s just a bit of paper that says, where have all the bees gone?
“You’re not a security guard.”
“Nope. Worth looking into, though - that bee thing.” He grins and heads for the door. “Bye then.”

2. prompted by hedgerows, i also wrote Martha's thoughts upon meeting Donna.

Another Girl
It was a lie – saying she should have known. She had known. She and Jack – those who’d left, rather than been left or lost – had even laughed about the Doctor’s complete inability to remain alone, though they’d both been expecting a blonde. A bright young thing with a bright young smile, who held his hand whilst they ran away from explosions, laughing. A replacement.

Donna doesn’t look like the perky hand-holding type and Martha smiles – at the Doctor’s continuing ability to surprise her, at the thought of telling Jack and because she isn’t jealous at all.


n.b. the irony, of course, being that in 'voyage of the space titanic' the doctor almost shacks up with astrid who is exactly his type of the rose-replacement-type. but, since i have largely blocked out and decanonised that episode, i don't think martha ever needs to know this.
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Selena: Ten and Donna by Trolliepopselenak on May 27th, 2008 04:58 pm (UTC)
I like both drabbles very much! Donna reading "where are all the bees gone?" is so her and cracked me up, and Martha's thoughts rang very true to her.

re: nb: I liked Voyage of the Damned. Ah, but he asked Donna first. (Before Martha, even.) Also, Astrid a) asked him, and b) if age of actress = age of character was not a bright young thing but exactly the same age as Donna.

I think you can filter female companions down to three archetypes:

- young bouncy enthusiasts (starting with Susan, ending with Rose, so far; but within that type, there is much room, I mean, I'd say Ace was a young bouncy enthusiast, but she was also as different from both Susan and Rose as they were from each other, or from Jo, who also belongs in the group)

- clever professionals (starting with Barbara, including Liz and Sarah Jane, with Martha as the latest example)

- mouthy women good at bossing the Doctor around (Tegan, Mel, Donna; Evelyn both fits with that group and with the clever professionals)
aralias: donnaaralias on May 27th, 2008 06:17 pm (UTC)
what you say is very true, though i believe we are supposed to think astrid is young (look at the young woman's boots of awesomeness)(i may not have liked the episode, but i can certainly appreciate them), and kylie looks remarkably good for her age, but you may be right and i may be mocking him unfairly. she was certainly young enough for the doctor to knock a couple of hundred years off his own age... no, wait, that's the mocking back again.

all his types (as you lay them out) are good and fun, though i have a soft spot for the last because i like the bickering.

out of interest - who was his oldest companion has been (male of female, not counting time lords/immortal men)?
Selena: Seven and Brig by Oltha Heriselenak on May 27th, 2008 06:27 pm (UTC)
If you count the audios (which one should, since they tend to be awesome), his oldest companion was Evelyn Smythe (55 when she met him). If it's tv canon only, and excluding Time Lords and Immortals, then I think the palm goes to Ian and Barbara in Old Who. Like we said, I'm not sure whether Astrid and Donna are meant to be as old as the actresses; if that's the case, they're both overall tv canon winners because Ian and Barbara were mid-30s rather than end-30s.

Oh, but that's companion only in the sense of "person who keeps travelling with the Doctor in the TARDIS", because otherwise you have to include the Brigadier, who is in his mid30s when he meets Two, and by the time we get to Seven is in his 60s, so definitely outages all the other on screen friends. (And Eight calls him his best friend in an audio, so...)
aralias: converse are awesomearalias on May 29th, 2008 06:43 pm (UTC)
thanks :) not really got much to say to this but i thought i should acknowledge the information received and understood and appreciated. the brigadier is rather awesome. i hope he eventually returns from peru and reappears in onscreen canon.

keep meaning to acquire the audios now i listen to stuff profusely at work. it would also make buying the doctor who magasine infinitely more worth while since they always go on about things i have never heard.
Kattakattahj on June 2nd, 2010 07:32 am (UTC)
I came here from the remix, and I liked this version very much as well. The Martha drabble was even cooler; I really loved Martha's and Donna's interactions in the show and you showed the background to that very well here.
Jane: Tardisjaneturenne on January 9th, 2011 04:07 pm (UTC)
I think I suddenly need ALL the Donna+Nine fic there ever was or could be. All of it.

Both of these are lovely :)
Emma: marion cotillardleafy365 on November 24th, 2013 11:27 pm (UTC)
I followed the link from the remix on the Teaspoon archive. Very much in character and delightful to read. I wish more people would write Nine and Donna meeting and having adventures because they'd be so awesome together. Donna is just awesome, even Martha thinks so!
thatwritergirl5 on December 12th, 2014 12:22 am (UTC)
Nice Job at Nine
I think you did quite nicely writing Nine!